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Welcome to TwilightMU Online Season 18 P1-3

We are want to let you know Season 18 is officially opened!

Enjoy you game playing on our servers!

Join us now!

Published by Komara, July 1, 2023

Twilight MU Season 18 - Public BETA

Hello all,
We are glad to present you our new project!

Twilight MuOnline Season 18!

Beta server is Available now!

Dont miss you chance.

Join us Now!

Published by Komara, June 20, 2023

Welcome to Twilight MU!

Welcome to Twilight MU Online - Season 16 P2!


We've officially opened in October 2021, and we have a few core principles:

- NO Donations & NO Pay2Win - we believe in fair play here, so we're not accepting any kind of donations; all credits can be earned in-game by anyone equally.


- Long-term server - we're not adopting the regularly wiped database model as other servers have; so you can be certain that your hard work will still be here even one year from now.


- Medium-difficulty - you won't be able to max out in a few days, but it's fairly easy to get things going and get your resets rolling in.


- NO Favors - you won't see our Staff handing out free items to their friends or families, everything in-game is fairly earned by our players and staff alike.


For more info, please see our Info page:

So join us now! Start by downloading the client and registering an account on our website.

Published by Phoenix, October 23, 2021

Join us on Discord

We've had to give up the old forum because of the very old and outdated software it was running on and have since moved our chatting and activities on Discord.

Come join us for some good ol' fun.

Published by Phoenix, October 8, 2021

Season 16 BETA - Officially Over

We've had a great time testing out the new features with some of our old friends.

Fortunately, we haven't found any significant number of bugs, so we're officially ending the BETA period now.

Everything that the players have earned during the BETA period (levels/resets/items/etc.) has been saved and is still available now in the public release, as a reward for helping us test the new Season.

Enjoy Twilight MU Season 16!

Published by Phoenix, October 8, 2021

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